A bruised reed

One of the best sermons that I have heard was from Mr Nosilela. I was so glued and attentive that after about six years, that sermon remained with me. On that blessed morning, Mr Nosilela was narrating the Bible story of Mary Magdeline, and his opening text was found in the book of Isaiah 42:3 that says, A bruised reed He will not break and a smoking flax shall He not quench. It brings me great sadness to inform you that last week Mr Nosilela had passed away. I’ll forever be grateful that we are left with good memories of him. I am also grateful that through his preaching, he left behind lessons so integral that one of them, I shall share with you in this post.

A reed is a flimsy plant that is often tossed to and fro by the wind. A reed can withstand Mother Earth’s elements, but at times, these elements get too strong, and the reed can break. 

We as people are like these reeds, especially with the happenings of this year. The presence of a global pandemic has made us fragile. Many of us are wounded by the loss of their loved ones, leaving them feeling bare and naked in this cold world. Those who did not necessarily lose their loved ones have also experienced some sort of loss. Whether it is a financial loss or a loss of an opportunity, one way or the other, we are bruised reeds on the verge of breaking. 

It is with pleasure to inform you that as bruised as we may feel, we will not break. We might feel like we have been crippled and our zest for life has been snatched from us. We might be bruised, but we are not broken. As a bruised reed, we might be bent but we will stand upright again. 

Trust the process and trust the Devine Intelligence for permitting this season. It shall be well.