The time has come

Statistics records that of all the children born into the marriage, almost 50 % of them will experience the divorce of their parents before the age of 18. It is so unfortunate that I too fall under these stats. I was 15 years old when my parents got a divorce. Life took an unexpected turn and changed drastically.

With my parent’s divorce, the focus was mainly on my parents. This was strange to me as people often “thought of the children.” As the affected child, I felt misunderstood. I too, would not understand myself at times. To make sense of my new world, I would diarize my thoughts.

I decided to convert my diary into a book as I know that I will not be the only child who will have to go through the divorce of their parents. Just like everything in life, my decision has been challenged and I kept on postponing it. When I finally had geared up and was ready to proceed, a global pandemic broke out and threw life out of the axis. This time I was not willing to back down or postpone it. Through all the challenges this year brought, I remained determined.

The time has come for my book and journey to be known. To be continued.