Weeds within us

My mom grew up on a farm and has carried within her the passion for growing her own vegetables. As someone who has had such a mother, I also have a love of growing my own food. Well, more the idea of growing my own food. Unlike my mom, I am very lazy. When I do decide to start my own garden (I rarely do), I don’t give it as much care as my mom would. I get hyped up the first few days where I water it and check on it often. However, after a while, I lose interest and leave my garden to fate (very bad, I know). Soon after my neglect, unplanted plants will grow. These are weeds.

I believe our hearts as people are like gardens. Every day we labour and strive to plant good deeds and habits. Just like my unattended garden, weeds in the form of bad habits and negative thoughts creep up. Just as weed, they steal resources from the good plants of positively and self-improvement and leave us drained and sometimes without hope.
When I do then decide to attend to my garden, the first thing I would do is to pull out the weed. Some weeds get hard and even thorny. By no means will I leave those to fate, but I would make use of shovels or a garden trowel to remove the unwanted plants. The same applies to the gardens of our hearts. We need to spot the unwanted plants early so that we can remove them while doing so requires less work. By no means does this mean that once they have developed they are to be left to fate. Weeds are not friendly plants. They are vicious, and if left unattended for too long, they might fill our garden. They are thieves that steal nutrients, water, and space from the wanted plants. If we are not careful, all our hard work of starting a garden will equal to nothing. If we are not willing to put in the work that having a beautiful garden entail, our gardens will harbour and be home to weeds instead of useful plants.

What kind of plants will you allow to grow in your garden?