It’s October month, marking the mid of spring! Nature holds several fascinations which we get to witness with each season as recorded in (https://blog.ndumiemyataza.co.za/2020/07/01/seasons-in-life/). Spring brings forth spring rains and, the sun makes its warmth and light known to us after a cold winter season. Some seeds that have been deposited into the ground during the year make use of these resources – one of Planet Earth’s greatest miracles, in my opinion. I find the process where plants grow from seeds very fascinating.

The first fascination for me lies below the ground, the action there where no one can see. Thankfully research and science had made this process known to us. After the seed has landed on the ground, a beautiful journey of life begins. In time the seed grows its feeble thin strands of roots. As feeble as they are, the roots do not develop unchallenged. Roots fight their way through rocks and pebbles, sometimes even growing in rocks. They steadily penetrate the soil. Other than absorbing water and nutrients from the soil, roots bring stability to plants. The taller the plant, the deeper the roots.

The second fascination comes from the actual plant’s growth. Whether planted by mistake like how Black Jacks would attach themselves to our clothes or planted intentionally to eat or simply to adorn our gardens; whether planted by a person, dispersed by wind, water, or bird – plants grow. Inch by inch, they stretch vertically or horizontally like those plants which would need support. Plants are silent and sessile, but they are never stagnant. They do not announce their growth, but it happens. I would like to believe that we all know of landscapes which were bare but are now covered with plants, whether they are small gardens or, big forests.

Just like plants emerging from seeds, may we grow. May our end become greater than where we had started. May we fully embrace the concept of blooming where we are planted. May we maneuver ourselves between those pebbles of challenges and even find our footing on rocks. May we learn to maximize each and every droplet from rain, mist, or dew of opportunities that fall upon us. May we extract all the nutrients from the earth for our good. Where people are suffocating from too much Carbon dioxide, may our presence clean the air. May we never become selfish with the Oxygen that we produce. May we freely give it to all those who come in contact with us. May we always give out air that refreshes and gives life. May our braches support nests, may we provide structure and stability to new life. With our fruits, may we feed the earth and with our colours, may we adorn the earth, filling it with brightness. While doing all of that, may we grow, may we continue to grow and may we never stop growing.

P.S. I hope you now understand the inspiration behind my logo.