iNkungu ilala kwiintaba ngeentaba

iNkungu ilala kwiintaba ngeentaba (mist lies in different mountains) is one of the wonderful Xhosa sayings that have a meaning so strong that it has been captured and passed on through generations as a proverb. As the 24th of September is Heritage Day in South Africa, I have dedicated the month of September to sharing the wisdom that my language isiXhosa holds in its proverbs and idioms. Please do share a proverb from your language and its meaning in the comment section.

The meaning of inkungu ilala kwiintaba ngeentaba (mist lies in different mountains) is similar to the one from the previous blog post (http://blog.ndumiemyataza.co.za/2020/09/20/akukho-nkanga-idubula-ingethi/). It refers to the seasonality of circumstances. This particular proverb taps into the fact that just because you do not have it today, that does not mean that you will not have it tomorrow (referring to both the good and the bad). This proverb then discourages the habit of rejoicing over someone else’s pain as the same thing might happen to you tomorrow. This proverb encourages the spirit of ubuntu (humanity), and of supporting one another with the reminder that today it’s me, tomorrow it’s you.